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Willow Smith is at it again, posing for controversial photos on social media that make you question whether her famous parents are doing their jobs.

No, Moises Arias is not involved this time. Just her NSFW “fashion” sense …

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Even though we censored it twice over, Willow’s shirt isn’t really that bad.

At first glance, it looks like it’s totally see-through and Smith is showing off WAY too much of her anatomy. Or anyone’s anatomy, regardless of age.

In actuality, though, it’s not even Willow’s body. It’s just the shirt’s pattern.

Still, is it really okay for a 13-year-old to be wearing a shirt like this – one emblazoned with nipples, a six-pack and a navel – in any normal scenario?

The Internet loves to overreact and flip its lid over any old thing, especially when famous teens are involved (just ask Kylie Jenner) but still. Wow.

Will and Jada Smith seem fine with letting her grow up fast. Very fast.

What will the ramifications of this be? Will the youngest Smith prove their parenting instincts correct or horribly, horribly wrong as she comes of age?

Only time will tell, but she’s certainly on an … interesting track.