Ray J 911 Call: Princess Love Might Kill Herself ... and Me First!

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Ray J was afraid his girlfriend Princess Love was going to off herself - and possibly him too - last month, prompting the Kim Kardashian sex tape star to dial 911.

He placed the call just days after his rapper friend Earl Hayes killed Stephanie Moseley and himself, and that tragedy was clearly on the mind of Ray J.

More significantly, he says Princess Love threatened to shoot herself after he tried to break up with her, and their romance had been rocky before that.

Princess owns a gun, too, which he tried but failed to take away from her.

He ultimately left, either out of fear or because dude had to get to work.

"I gotta go shoot a television show," he explained to the 911 dispatcher.

Hey, the man's gotta go out there and film Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

Fortunately, Love didn't kill herself that day, or any day, and things seemed to have thawed with the couple ... though it doesn't feel like this is gonna work out.

Before the next Princess Love suicide threat, perhaps they should move on.

The Man Who Hit It First (actually fifth, if you wanna get technical) seems to be in his own world these days and not ready to settle down anytime soon.

Just saying, Princess.

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