Pregnant Woman Twerking Video: See the Ending You Will Not Believe!

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This video of a pregnant woman Twerking like it's her job would have been notable simply for its existence, but then comes the big twist at the end.

Viral. Gold. Can you guess it? Prepare to watch and cringe below ...

It's hard to fault the woman for trying to shake off the late-pregnancy blues by getting a little freaky to Sade’s classic song "No Ordinary Love" in the kitchen.

That alone would haunt the unborn child for years to come.

Then her water breaks, though, which makes for the greatest beginning to a birth story possibly ever. This was when her child started his/her arrival!

One can imagine them telling friends, "Yeah, I was born when my mom was getting her TWERK on while cleaning the floor, and filming it no less."

She's got the moves, though. No one can deny her that.

And on the plus side ... there's no way this can top some of the most awkward pregnancy photos we've seen on the Internets over the years.

So the kid can take comfort in that if nothing else ...

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