Nancy Grace, 2 Chainz Debate Marijuana Legalization in Amazing New Video

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Nancy Grace seems to have a thing with goading famous stoners into debates.

Last year, Seth Rogen famously called Grace a "f--king dumbass" after she blamed newly-legal weed for a brutal murder in the state of Colorado.

Now, Grace is at it again - nonsensically linking the dumb actions of one stoner to the effects of his drug of choice. And this time the person calling her out is even more unexpected:

2 Chainz!!

Yes, "Nancy Grace and 2 Chainz debate" is not a phrase we ever thought we'd hear, but we couldn't be happier that this clip exists.

There are three main takeaways from this video:

  1. Chainz' cardigan game is on point;
  2. Hearing Nancy Grace say "Titty Boi" or "big, fat doobie" will never not be hilarious, and
  3. She might very well be the single dumbest human being ever allowed on television.

There's no way she believes her own moronic argument, right? It's probably best if we don't know the answer to that. And did the words, "If you want to qualify for a home why don't you just not get arrested?" really come out of her mouth?

Sadly, we can imagine Grace (a former prosecutor) thinking that something should be illegal because one person who likes it did something awful.

Nancy is really dumb, and really influential, and that makes us sad. So let's get back to 2 Chainz whose awesomeness here has us grinning from ear to ear. 

The highlight here is Chainz explaining to Grace that law enforcement relies on tax payer dollars. He folds that explanation into a story about being made to pose with police after being arrested on pot charges.

The story effectively highlights just how ridiculous the "war on drugs" has become in this country, but Grace is having none of it.

Chainz eventually beat his case in time to celebrate 4/20 at Coachella that year. More importantly, he's free to engage in intelligent debate on our nation's drug policy, whereas 20 or 30 years ago, he might've been imprisoned.

Now, all Titty Boi needs is someone with a couple working brain cells to hold their own with him in conversation, because clearly Nancy's not up to the task. 

You tell us: Who won this debate?

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