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2 Chainz was arrested on marijuana possession charges last night in  Maryland – but that only tells half the hilarious story.

The rapper was taken into custody around 10 p.m., as cops pulled over a white van in which 2 Chainz was traveling with 6 other people.

But only the artist was arrested on the weed charges. He was then booked and released… and allegedly asked to POSE FOR A PHOTO WITH THE OFFICERS.

Kimye and 2 Chainz

“dam police f*ckn wit a n**ga,” 2 Chainz wrote after the arrest. “Locked me up and then Wanted pictures smh (shakin’ my head).”

However, because the Instagram photo above appeared on 2 Chainz’s account, it’s unclear who actually asked whom to pose for the picture.

Meanwhile, the Maryland State Police says it “cannot confirm who initiated” the picture-taking, while 2 Chainz says he was only carrying a grinder used to crush weed on him, as opposed to any actual amount of the drug.

So, in conclusion: this is hilarious.