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You probably know Meghan Trainor as the singer responsible for the infectious "All About That Bass" earworm that was everywhere a few months ago.

And you’ve probably heard of the Kidz Bop series of albums from the advertisements that feature young children singing current pop songs, often with no regard for highly sexual or gangsta-fied lyrics.

In the past, Kidz Bop has covered songs such as Macklemore’s "Thrift Shop" which features a line about the smell of R. Kelly’s bed sheets. (‘Cause he pees on people, geddit!?)

But the kidz and their boppin’ may have reached a new lyrical low with their cover of "Bass."

Kidz Bop:

Listen closely around the 1:28 mark. Yes, that definitely sounds like a bunch of kids singing about "brining anal back." 

The original line is "I’m bringing booty back," which is obviously not something you wanna hear sung by a bunch of 10-year-olds, but the Kidz Bop censors somehow went and made things way, way worse.

As you might expect if you know the mentality of the average Internet user, the song instantly went viral for all the wrong reasons.

The folks at Bop claim the line is "I’m bringing it all back," but the damage has been done. From now on, you’ll forever associate Meghan Trainor with butt stuff.

Here’s the considerably less funny Trainor parody "All About That Baste" as a pallette cleanser:

All About That Baste Parodies Meghan Trainor Hit