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Even though Teresa Giudice is in prison, the show must go on over at Bravo.

Sources say execs have begun casting for The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 7, with an ad requesting applications from “the most affluent families” of “New Jersey’s most exclusive communities.”

The problem is, the most well-off women of the Garden State apparently have zero interest in becoming a part of one of reality TV’s most infamous franchises.

“Women who have that much money simply have no interest in doing Jersey Housewives,” a source tells Radar Online. “For one, they find it to be a trashy franchise.”

Adding to the casting difficulties is the fact that some potential Housewives have apparently learned from Teresa’s misfortune:

“Some of them do not want the scrutiny of the IRS,” says the insider.

“Anyone who would go on that show with massive amounts of money would likely be closely monitored after what happened to Teresa, so some people are simply choosing not to do that to themselves.”

So could this be the end of Bravo’s best-known series?

Rumors that Housewives of New Jersey would be canceled following Teresa’s imprisonment have been circulating for months, but execs are clearly interested in keeping the show going.

The problem is, with no ladies to replace Teresa G. (and Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea, both of whom have reportedly quit), the show may suffer a shortage of ladies who are willing to bring the drama.

Watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey online to relive the glory days when the show had a full cast of hair-pulling, table-flipping loonies.