Lindsay Lohan Mocks Untreatable Virus, Posts Obviously Photoshopped Selfie

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Recently stricken with an untreatable virus, alleged actress Lindsay Lohan is out of the hospital and back on her feet, doing what she does best:

Lindsay Lohan: Looking Good at Cannes!
  1. Using said virus as an excuse for not doing community service
  2. Trying, largely in vain, to break the Internet with "racy" selfies
  3. Photoshopping her own waist to appear unrealistically thin
  4. Making us wonder what else she does all day long

The 28-year-old Lohan was hospitalized for the untreatable virus Chikungunya, contracted on a recent vacation to Bora Bora, earlier this month.

That's a bummer for sure, especially with all the work she could otherwise be doing. Just kidding! But seriously, being severely ill is never fun, for anyone.

Fortunately, she's in good spirits, as her latest Instagram post proves.

Wearing a Calvin Klein thong and a tight long-sleeve T-shirt, Lohan showed off her incredibly thin frame while posing for a bathroom selfie, captioning it:

"#mycalvins are helping me fight off my chikungunya, hehe"

Some followers speculate as to whether or not Lindsay Lohan has been utilizing Photoshop, and it's easy to see why. That waist does not look natural ...

Lindsay Lohan Photoshop Selfie

Her 2.6 million followers were quick to quip about something fishy going on here, with comments such as: "Lmao the photoshop is so obvious in this one."

Fans noticed strange alterations in the photo, particularly bottles in the background, right around waist level, which were slanted instead of standing straight.

Another fan wrote, "Straight up Photoshop, look at those bottles on the sink!" Another told the star, "You don't need to photoshop yourself!"

While reps for Lohan had no comment on the Photoshop, or her health scare last week, an insider said she could be stricken with this illness for awhile.

(The virus, not the Photoshop disease.)

"The doctors told her it could take six months to a year to fully clear up," the source revealed of the nasty sickness. "She has good days and bad."

Here's hoping she recovers sooner than that, and either puts on some weight or puts the photo editing apps down, because she is looking pretty frail.

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