Gwyneth Paltrow Talks BJs and Brad Pitt in TMI Interview

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We've known for some time that Gwyneth Paltrow loves BJs and thinks they're the key to a successful marriage. 

Obviously, Gwinnie's not exactly the authority on what makes a relationship work these days, but her thoughts on blowies are still of keen interest to Howard Stern who interviewed Paltrow for his Sirius XM radio show yesterday.

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It seems beejes have played a larger role in the actress' life and career than any of us could imagine, and if there's anyone who could get a 42-year-old mother of two to open about how oral sex may have cost her an Oscar, it's Howard Stern.

It seems that in 1996, a 24-year-old Paltrow turned down the role of Rollergirl in Boogie Nights, which in her capable hands (and mouth) would've likely become big time awards bait.

The reason for her refusal? You guessed it - too much knob gobblin':

"I can't be totally naked and, like, giving a BJ on screen," Paltrow told Stern. "It'll kill my gradfather!" 

So the part went to Heather Graham, and Gwyneth went on to preach about the power of blow jobs for years to come.

Apparently, she knows what she's talking about, because she's dated several of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors - a fact she was also surprisingly open about with Stern.

Yes, while most interviewers are mainly concerned with Paltrow's divorce from Chris Martin, it was her past relationships with stars like Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck that most interested Howard.

It seems Pitt was a peach ("He was too good for me," Paltrow says.), while Affleck was every bit the douche he's rumored to be. ("He was not in a good place to have a girlfriend," which is code for "he cheated on me.")

It was an interview filled with bombshells, but the best revelation might be that Gwyneth thinks "conscious uncoupling" as just as stupid as the rest of us do.

"It is kind of a goofy term," Paltrow confessed to Stern. 

Wow. Between that and her BJ-based philosophy on life, we're starting to think Gwinnie's not as bad as she's made out to be.

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