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On Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 7, Jep and Jess bought a fixer upper in Willie’s neighborhood, but did his vision for the property come to fruition?

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Watch Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 7 Online

After completing this purchase, Jep and the guys decide to renovate the chicken coop, which became a focal point of Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 7.

Jep has some great lines, Jessica is the most gorgeous and charming woman alive, and the guys always have fun together when taking on such a task.

Was it the best story conceived by the A&E show’s producers? Far from it, but if you watch Duck Dynasty online, you won’t be disappointed either.

Meanwhile, Jase and Si took the former’s kids "jug fishing," which was pretty darn redneck even for a show that recently featured outhouse races.

Still, the bottle fishing technique was more effective and entertaining than you might think, Jase’s kids are pretty awesome, and Si? He was being Si.

Rarely does he ever serve a purpose beyond tagging along, acting ridiculous and overdosing on grape soda, but that can be a vital purpose in life.

As always with Duck Dynasty, peeling back a layer from the humor and ridiculous redneck shenanigans reveals a group of people rooted in family.

Not just child-rearing, but marriage, faith, and all the things that go with them. It’s what life is all about, and fun to watch them go through theirs together.