Bill Clinton: Virginia Roberts Describes Ex-President's Relations With "Two Young Girls"

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On Wednesday, Virginia Roberts - a woman who claims to have worked as a child sex slave for Prince Andrew - accused Bill Clinton of helping conceal the sexual abuse of children that took place on a private island owned by billionaire Jeffrey Epstein.

Today, Roberts has taken her accusations a step further by suggesting that Clinton may have taken advantage of the privacy of Epstein's secluded retreat to engage in sexual misconduct of his own.

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Radar Online is reporting that in her newest interview Roberts claims that Clinton made several trips to the island. During one visit in 2002, the former president was allegedly joined by "two young girls."

"Two young girls that I could identify," Roberts says. "I never really knew them well. It was two young girls from New York."

"I remember asking Jeffrey, 'What's Bill Clinton doing here?' He laughed it off and said, 'Well, he owes me a favor.' He never told me what favors they were."

Radar reports that flight logs confirm that Clinton has been a passenger on Epstein's private Boeing 727, which Roberts claims was equipped with large beds for mid-flight orgies.

"It was a lot of the same things that went down on the ground," Roberts replied when asked to describe the activities that occurred in the plane. "It would start off with massaging or foreplay. Sometimes it would lead to, you know, orgies."

Roberts and other victims of Epstein's are currently involved in a lawsuit against the US government resulting from a plea deal offered to Epstein following his 2008 arrest for soliciting a child prostitute.

The government is accused of failing to confer with Epstein's victims before offering the deal, as is required by law.

The scandal has been of great interest to the British press due to the involvement of Prince Andrew. Andrew has denied Roberts' claims, but has refused to speak about the matter under oath.

Clinton has yet to speak publicly about the accusations against him.

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