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Many marriages crumble and wither away with the passage of time.

This is a sad but irrefutable reality for many couples who simply grow apart or develop differences they cannot reconcile, and therefore decide to part ways.

Then there are these stars’ unions which were over so fast, one wonders if the ink on the certificate was even try … and what they were possible thinking.

Behold, 19 of the shortest celebrity marriages of all time:

Britney Spears, shown in her smoldering heyday above, was married to Kevin Federline for under two years. That was the longer of her two marriages. By FAR.

She was Mrs. Jason Alexander for an eternal 55 hours, after which she got that Las Vegas wedding annulled, but not before her childhood friend got it in.

At least we’re assuming that’s how he talked her into it.

Kim Kardashian, for her part, was married to Kris Humphries for 72 days before they split up … and their divorce was finalized 581 days after that.

Crazy. But Britney and Kim aren’t alone by any means.

Yes, those are extreme cases, but they are joined by a surprising number of celebrities past and present in this short-lived marital Hall of Shame.

From Brit’s 55 hours to a year or two, and from 1950 to 2015, scroll through some of the most memorably prompt celebrity marriages on record.

‘Til death do us part … or the hangover sets in?