Top Chef Season 12 Episode 7 Recap: Who Won the Restaurant Wars?

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Wednesday night on Top Chef Season 12 Episode 7, the remaining contestants were broken up into two teams for Restaurant Wars, where it's ...

Restaurant Wars means the aspiring culinary legends had exactly one day to open their own pop up restaurants and handle everything that this entailed.

Top Chef Season 12 Episode 7 didn't lack for action or suspense, that's for sure.

From waiter training, decor, logistics and serving diners that included Kristen Kish, Stephanie Cmar and guest judge Barbara Lynch? Just a lot to handle.

It goes without saying that the chefs were scrambling, the tension was high and the heat was such that many nearly could not stand to be in the kitchen.

Or something. Egos and dishes were colliding left and right is kind of the point.

What happened when an ingredient went AWOL and a dish was altered without the chef's approval? What were the results of that snafu, and the Wars in general?

The answer to both questions might surprise even the most ardent TC fans.

Follow the link to watch Top Chef online and see the results for yourself!

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