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Michael Phelps may be off to rehab trying to find himself, but before his latest brush with the law, he allegedly could often be found with Taylor Lianne Chandler.

Late last week, a tipster contacted The Hollywood Gossip to reveal that Phelps had been with Taylor Lianne Chandler the night of his DUI arrest.

Are they an item? We can’t say for certain, but some online sleuthing and a second anonymous email to THG reveal the above photos to be Chandler.

Phelps was reportedly boozing and gambling in a casino for several hours before getting behind the wheel at around double the legal BAC last week.

Our tipster in the Canton area of Batlimore, where Michael lives, claims he is involved with Chandler, a Washington, D.C. resident, on the down-low.

“We saw a blonde model type leaving Michael Phelps’ place,” our source says, recalling a recent incident in which the two were spotted together.

“She went to the bar across the street, Plug Ugly’s, where she was on her phone,” says our insider, noting that things weren’t going too swimmingly.

Calling and texting and crying at times, she was writing to “Michael” and she said she was in town from Washington for business in crisis management.

She did not seem like she was there on business, however, and was later seen coming out of Michael Phelps’ place crying as he put her into a car.

Locals “have seen her many times going into his place in the past few months,” the source added, including “the night he was arrested for DUI.”

The source describes Taylor as a “tall, swimsuit model type.” Cougar would be another word some have used to describe her since this story broke.

UPDATE: An alleged text message exchange between Phelps and Chandler (above) as hit the Internet. Scroll through the gallery above to read it.

It’s not clear if Phelps is (or was) still dating Win McMurry, a sportscaster from the Golf Channel, but the dude is clearly losing at life these days.

Phelps is going to rehab, he confirms on Twitter, following his latest arrest, in hopes of focusing on himself and being a better person, et cetera.

Have any tips that could confirm whether something is really going on with these two, or his status with Win McMurry? Drop us a line and let us know!

UPDATE #2: Phelps is reportedly seeing Nicole Johnson, his girlfriend prior to McMurry, since leaving rehab. He has made zero mention of Chandler