Sons of Anarchy Series Finale Teaser: The Final Ride

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So... now what?!?

On Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 12, three key cast members were all killed off, culminating in the mother-son showdown that many viewers assumed would be saved until the series finale.

But with Gemma now dead, fans are left to wonder in what direction Kurt Sutter will go next Tuesday night, as SAMCRO revs its engines one last time.

According to the official FX synopsis for Sons of Anarchy Season 7 Episode 13, Jax Teller will look to "fulfill his father's legacy," which we presume means he'll try to help the club go straight.

Might this mission have something to do with the deal he struck last night? 

When he agreed to talk SAMCRO into voting for his death, provided some kind of unwritten bylaw was wiped away?

The trailer above gives away very little. It simply depicts famous scenes from the last few seasons of the series.

You can watch Sons of Anarchy online via the following video in order to ensure you're caught up - and then prepare to say goodbye forever to an epic drama:

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