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Sunday night on an all new My Five Wives Season 2 Episode 7, the trip to Seattle was over and done with, but one of the crew had a different destination in mind:


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Taylor was set to begin her mission in the South American nation as My Five Wives Season 2 Episode 7 kicked off. It’s a huge life undertaking, that’s for sure.

Rosemary, meanwhile, grew inspired by her child to make some changes to her life right here at home. ‘Cause it’s never to late to make a new start.

As for Karlie, she planned a decathlon for the whole family to participate in, and while there are no Bruce Jenners among them, it promised to be fun.


Or did it? We’d give it away here, but that would be no fun. Instead, you can follow the link, sit back and watch My Five Wives online right now to find out!