Mob Wives Season 5 Episode 1 Recap: First Things First, Who's the Realest?

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Mob Wives Season 5 Episode 1 kicked off a whole new season of drama last night on Staten Island, and make no mistake, it's as real as it gets out there people.

With Natalie Guercio and Renee Graziano’s friendship coming apart at the seams at the end of Season 4, tension was high heading into the opener.

Angela Raiola, a.k.a. “Big Ang,” has doubts about whether Renee, her best friend of 20 years, is really her friend at all after not hearing from her all summer.

On the flip side, as we learn at the onset of Mob Wives Season 5 Episode 1, she has become friends with Natalie. So yeah, there's that new wrinkle.

Meanwhile, Natalie stirs the pot, telling Drita that Renee dissed herm despite them being friends at the time. Drita is enraged as Renee calls her a “rat.”

Because of their criminal lineage and ties to the mob, of course, there’s no worse insult than that, as you know if you watch Mob Wives online.

ALso, Karen Gravano is back and is happy with her long distance relationship, although she is less of a fan of Natalie, who called her father ... a rat.

Renee and Karen are therefore allied. Enemies of enemies equal friends, et cetera. You know how it goes with the mob and their wives, after all.

Big Ang's son A.J, meanwhile, Is expecting his first child, which is a big event in anyone's life. But for the troubled A.J., it could be make or break.

Drita is seen taking a break from feuding with her co-stars to help husband Lee with his sports store, run her own store, Lady Boss, and being a mom.

Whoever said mobsters didn't work hard never watched Mob Wives. Well, Renee is actually proving their point. She doesn't have much goin' on.

Other than revenge, of course. When she shows up at the big summer party, tensions almost boil over, though she does walk away without throwing down.

The ladies soon have bigger issues on their hands anyway, as Karen arrives at the party to announce her return, which startles the other ladies.

Natalie clams up and bolts, giving Karen and Renee the upper hand. At least until next week and subsequent episodes, which look insane based on previews.

Good to have these loons back in our lives. So good.

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