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Khloe Kardashian has been going through some interesting times in the romance department this year and last, and things just got even more so.

Apparently, her best friend Malika Haqq decided to make a move!

Kourtney & Khloe Take The Hamptons Clip - Malika Haqq Incest

“Last night was very interesting,” Khloe tells Kim Kardashian in a sneak preview of Sunday’s Khloe and Kourtney Take the Hamptons Season 1 Episode 10.

“I was taking care of Malika and, like, dealing with her,” recalls Khloe in the season finale. “She just got tipsy and she tried to make out with me last night.”

“What?” Kim Kardashian reacts (to the cue card). “That’s insane.”

“Wait, has Malika, like, ever made a move on you before?” Kim adds, clearly interested. "Has she ever, like, stared at you weird when you’re changing?”

Khloe then starts to wonder these very things about Malika Haqq.

“Kim now has me thinking all over the place,” she says, speculating that Haqq maybe just needed the “liquid courage” to make a move she’d longed for.

In any case, “She just made everything so weird!” Khloe adds.

“Now it’s going to be so awkward,” Kim Kardashan concurs, noting that even if they did hook up, Khloe and Malika are so tight, it would kind of be incest.

It’s not the first time her BFF has been the subject of celebrity gossip reports involving Khloe’s love life lately, but this fall we saw a different situation.

Khloe reportedly got pissed off at French Montana sexting Malika Haqq in September, which may have played a role in her breakup with the rapper.

“Khloe broke into French’s phone and saw all kinds of inappropriate texts to her girl,” an insider said, but Haqq didn’t draw her wrath, only French.

“Khloe has been down with Malika since forever,” after all.

Will she still be so tight with her after this alleged, attempted hookup? We’ll have to watch Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons online and find out.

In the meantime, check out the gallery below for some of the family’s most eye-popping photos. Maybe it should be this Malika is fantasizing about …