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Yet another woman has come forward to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault.

Katherine McKee is an actress and casting director who worked as a Vegas showgirl in the 70s. She says she became acquainted with Cosby while dating his friend and fellow performer Sammy Davis, Jr.

Katherine McKee: Bill Cosby Rape Accuser Opens Up

"Back then, I was Sammy’s road wife," says McKee. "He had an open marriage and we were lovers. That’s how it went."

McKee says that after she’d known both Davis and Cosby for about eight years, Cosby invited her to a yacht party following one of Davis’ shows in Detroit.

Prior to the party, Cosby asked her to stop by his hotel room, and to bring ribs for dinner.

"I remember I walked in the door and he had a robe and cap on," McKee says. "He took the ribs from my hands and just grabbed me."

"He spun me around, pulled my panties down and just took it. We were still standing in the doorway when he attacked me. It was so fast and so shocking and so unbelievable."

McKee says after the attack, Cosby dressed and escorted her to Davis’ party.

"I never said a word. I was too uncomfortable about it," McKee claims. "Bill was so rude and cold toward me the rest of the night. I thought, ‘When this boat docks, I’m out of here.’ I just left."

Previous reports of Cosby and Davis Jr.’s sexual escapades were allegedly buried by the comedian through bribery and coercion.  

McKee joins more than 20 other women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault. 

The comedian has been mostly silent about the charges, but his family has rushed to his defense.

Last week, Bill’s daughter Evin Cosby attacked the accusers in an online tirade, and expressed her belief that they should be imprisoned.