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My Five Wives star Karlie Jessop, the oldest daughter of Brady Williams and first wife Paulie, gave birth to her first child earlier this fall at just 25 weeks.

She became a mother on October 29. The baby boy, Jacob “Huck” Jessop, was just 2 lbs., 1 oz., at birth and is struggling to live as he receives 24/7 care.

The micro-preemie “has a strong heart, and an even stronger will to live,” the family told fans of their TLC reality show in speaking about the new arrival.

Closer together than ever, they say:

“We are confident that with continued love, many prayers, and attentive hands, our baby Huck will have an amazing homecoming sometime in late February.”

“Please pray for baby Huck.”

Huck, who had surgery on December 5 to fix intestinal problems, is making progress. Sunday, the Williams family posted an update on their Facebook page:


“Today has been a big day for #babyHuck! He got extubated and is now breathing more on his own with the help of Nip-V a different less invasive breathing devise.”

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And there was even bigger news yet:

“HE POOPED! This is major for him because of surgery, the morphine he’s been in and not to mention he hasn’t really pooped on his own for the past 2+ weeks!”

“Mom has never been so happy to see poop! Because he pooped they are going to start feeding him again. It will be small at first but it’s a start.”

“SO PROUD of our baby boy!!”

Huck is Brady Williams’ first grandson. He has 24 children with his five wives and one more baby on the way, as his wife Nonie is expecting this spring.

You can watch My Five Wives online to catch up with all their comings and goings (and there are a lot, with five wives and 24 kids), and we wish Huck the best!