Justin Bieber Playfully Strangles Chris Brown on Instagram: Funny or Foul?

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Oh, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown.

You two kids are just so very silly!

In a new photo posted to Bieber's Instagram, the young singer is horsing around with the infamous woman beater, placing his hand around Brown's neck and writing as a caption:

"Had fun with the homey @Chrisbrownofficial."

Justin Bieber Plays with Chris Brown

Of course, to many, this faux violent pose might be considered a little more funny if Brown hadn't actually beat the snot out of Rihanna in 2009.

Many are now calling on Bieber to take the picture down.

Bieber and Brown, of course, have a long history of friendship on the personal and professional level.

In September of last year, Bieber referred to Brown as super dope.

This summer, meanwhile, the artists took a picture inside the studio together as they collaborated on a new track. They also went clubbing on Sunset Strip in July.

What do you think of this latest image? Just two pals goofing around and no big deal?

Or two celebrities acting very un-self aware/insensitive considering the actions of one of them... and a very big deal?

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