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The general public may have no plans to forgive June Shannon for sleeping with a man convicted of molesting her daughter, but it looks as though Mama June is already well on her way to getting back into her family’s good graces.

June might never earn her daughters’ trust again, but she’s doing her best to quash their very public feud the best way she knows how – by forking over some cold, hard cash!

TMZ reports that June recently wrote Anna (known as “Chickadee” to viewers of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo) a check for over 15,000 – roughly the amount that sources say June stole from Anna’s trust fund.

June still maintains there was no theft, and that the cash is just Anna’s payment for the final episode of the family’s once-popular TLC reality show.

We’re guessing June didn’t comment on the fact that the amount she handed over to Anna was roughly the same as she was accused of stealing. 

Maybe it was just another one of those craaaazy coincidences that pops up every few weeks to make June look like the worst mother in the history of ever.

To add insult to injury, June allegedly used the pilfered funds to buy Mark McDaniel a car. McDaniel, of course, is the man who served 10 years in prison for molesting Anna when she was 8 years old.

So yeah, despite writing a nice-sized check for Chickadee, Mama June will likely not be short-listed for any Mom of the Year awards.

Remarkably, however, she says her relationship with Anna is on the mend and that the two of them video chat twice a day. It’s like their own little effed-up reality show, y’all!