James Franco and Lana Del Rey: Hooking Up?!

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Here's one we probably should've seen coming. Two of the most self-important weirdos in entertainment might be hooking up and all we can do is hope that it doesn't result in some sort of mega-hipster baby that pops out of the womb talking about bands you've never heard of. 

Lana Del Rey has been on a tear since ending her engagement to Barrie-James O'Neill and it looks as though - like so many starlets before her - she may have fallen into the Franco trap.

Lana Del rey and James Franco

It's a known fact that Franco will bang anyone not named Lindsay Lohan, so when we see a photo like the one above, we naturally assume that Lana and James are knockin' boots and discoursing on existentialism together.

On the left is Lana's sister, and we have no way of knowing if she's been able to able to escape Franco's magnetic douchiness, but she's not famous, so James probably literally can't see her.

Of course, rumor has it Lana is dating Francesco Carrozzini but after escaping a stage-5 clinger situation with Barrie-James, we doubt she's looking to seriously commit to anyone. 

Difficult as it might be, we've gotta tip our hat to James if he managed to seal the deal in this situation. She might have an ego the size of her bee-stung lips, but she still looks like this:

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