Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 3 Recap: Quack in the Saddle With Captain Explosion!

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Last night on Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 3, Willie Robertson went from Boss Hog to Thoroughbred. Or at least the proud owner of a thoroughbred race horse.

How did that happen, and what absurd antics followed its acquisition?

Not surprisingly, for those who watch Duck Dynasty online, newfound expert Willie and the boys entered their new family member in a race at a local track.

Who would ride the noble steed, however?

Duck Dynasty Season 7 Episode 3 saw Willie get inspired by his daughter’s horseback riding lessons and decide that owning a horse was a good idea.

Jase, Jep and Si came along, of course.

When the Duck Commander CEO got cold feet and wasn’t sure he wanted to invest in a champion horse after all, he settled for a less pricey model.

Little did he know that his big brother Jase, meanwhile, had his eyes on the prize and put his money behind Captain Explosion behind Willie's back.

Suffice it to say, Willie lost.

In the B-story of the week, Phil and Kay decided they would buy a birdbath to deter their dog from eating all the birds at the Robertson family compound.

Sounds reasonable.

Basically, the point of this was to bring Phil Robertson - and Godwin and Martin for unknown reasons - to the local garden center, where they sell birdbaths.

There are also gnomes, ornamental turtles and the like there, leading for the obviously classic one-liners from this affable, entertaining bunch of quacks.

While the show has lost some of its audience after seven seasons, it remains a reality TV juggernaut for A&E, and shows no signs of slowing down.

The natural progression of shows peaking and fading in popularity, plus the controversy surrounding Phil, have eaten into the massive ratings a bit.

Not so much that they've deterred the program's core audience, however, and the episodes have not gotten any less funny to those who love them.

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