Chris Soules: The Bachelor is a Big Deal! I Respect Women! Juan Pablo Sucked!

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The Bachelor star Chris Soules says he's excited for his journey on ABC to begin, and will be nothing like what viewers saw from Juan Pablo Galavis last season.


Depending on how you look at it, Soules' task of following up one of the most controversial stars in Bachelor history is either tough or it's ridiculously easy.

Juan Pablo Galavis was ... a polarizing figure. That's us putting it nicely.

Putting it less nicely? What a DOUCHE. Even that's too nice, honestly.

Chris Soules know this, and while he won't use words that are quite that strong, he says his season will be different because of how he's going to approach it.

But Chris is promising Bachelor Nation that he won't be following in his predecessor's (who recently split from winner Nikki Ferrell) shady footsteps.

"I think going into this I felt very humbled and pretty excited for the opportunity and grateful for the opportunity," the Iowa farmer explained to reporters this week.

"For me, this is a big deal. To meet 30 incredible women was a big deal to me and I took a lot of pride in the process because it's very important for me to find a wife."

"That is probably my biggest goal at this point in my life and going in, I was going to make the most of every second and treat every woman with the respect they deserve."

"I think that that's one thing from what I saw in how Juan Pablo handled things ... maybe not with the most respect that some of the women and not as much respect for the process that it deserved."

"I think we were very different in regard," he added.

Wow. Anyone else feel the BURN?!

Hard to blame him for that comment, because it wasn't a personal dig aimed at dissing Juan Pablo as much as a merely answering a question and stating a fact.

Whether he can keep his pristine reputation intact in his search for a wife is another story, but you don't need The Bachelor spoilers to tell you this much:

Chris Soules is a cut above from a character standpoint.

As for meeting the 30 women on the premiere, Chris called it "overwhelming," but said that despite the butterflies, "I did not really experience any drama!"

"I feel like everything went flawlessly for me. That doesn't mean there wasn't other things going on. I'm going to learn alongside [viewers] as the season gets played out!"

Chris says he did say "I love you" unlike Juan, but won't kiss and tell ... about how many people he locks lips when you watch The Bachelor online this spring.

"[Laughs.] I didn't keep track of that. I guess my strategy through the process regarding that was be in the moment and wear my heart on my sleeve."

Calm yourselves, ladies. The season starts January 5.

In the meantime, flip through the respective galleries of the women seeking Soules' heart (above) and The Bachelor himself (below) in all their glory ...

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