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Brandi Glanville is an expert at both cursing and speaking her mind.

So when the Real Housewives veteran combines her two loves, it often results in some seriously entertaining tweets.

Generally, the target of Brandi’s outrage is her deadbeat ex, Eddie Cibrian. Yesterday, however, the 42-year-old unleashed her fury on UK tabloid the Daily Mail.

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The Mail was one of many outlets to report that Brandi’s going too far with the Botox these days, and the publication even went so far as to offer “evidence” by publishing a series of unflattering recent photos next to pics of Brandi when she was considerably younger.

Needless to say, Ms. Glanville was less than thrilled with the report and she had some choice words the Mail’s editors:


“Dear Daily Mail Online F–k You!” Brandi tweeted. “I was 14 YRs younger on the left-&this am I was just tired and my eyes were puffy!”

Based on the semi-coherent nature of her tirade, we’re guessing Brandi’s been taking the lessons of her bestseller Drinking and Tweeting to heart.

Brandi goes on to insist that she’s had “no new fillers or Botox this year.” She also says that if she occasionally has a puffy appearance, it’s only because she’s 42, but continues to play as hard as she works.

It may be hard to believe that Brandi cut out facial fillers for an entire year, but she’s always been honest about her use of Botox in the past, so we have no reason to doubt her.

Besides, if she were gonna lie, she’d probably come up with a better excuse for her occasional puffiness than, “I party too much!”

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