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On The Taste Season 3 Episode 2, the group of contestants took part in an "Under the Sea" competition that tested their culinary mettle across the board.

The seaboard, one could say. It was a seafood battle!

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The Taste Season 3 Episode 2 featured Eric Ripert as the guest judge and mentor, and the winning team would win a master class from Chef Ripert.

Marcus proposed a dish that combined fish and shellfish. Anthony asked members of his kitchen to do a seafood stew. Ludo’s challenge was steamed fish.

Finally, Nigella asked her team to do a Miso seafood broth. All of their respective cooks had an hour to prepare these dishes inspired by their mentors.

Natasha’s spicy dish was tapped to represent Ludo’s team, while P.K’s was picked to rep Nigella, Eric’s dish for Team Bourdain and Gabe’s for Marcus’ crew.


Eric Ripert tasted each, and Gabe’s won out, so Marcus’s kitchen won the master class. The worst? P.K.’s, which meant Nigella’s team could lose a member.

Lindsey insisted P.K. should go home, but Nigella said Lindsey was too hard to mentor and sent her packing. As for this week’s solo challenge results?

Many of the cooks could not stand the heat in their respective kitchens, it appeared, but four emerged as the favorites from their competitive collectives:

  1. Anthony picked Natasha
  2. Marcus picked Joe
  3. Nigella picked Natasha
  4. Ludo picked Gabe

The two cooks in the taste off? Jake and Jen. The youngest contestant in the competition, Jake, from Marcus’s team, ended up being sent home.

To see the action heat up for yourself, watch The Taste online now. We just recommend you eat first, because you’ll be hungry by the end of it otherwise!