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In the midst of the June Shannon-Mark McDaniel scandal, a story of theft and awful parenting emerged that would’ve been nearly impossible to believe, had it involved anyone other than Mama June.

As it happened, there were far worse things going on in the Shannon family at that time (like June exposing her kids to a child molester, for example), so the accusations of June plundering her eldest daughter’s trust fund never got much press.

Now that the dust has settled, Anna Shannon is still claiming that June stole all of her money to buy a car for Mark McDaniel:

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In the above clip, Anna details exactly how much June money stole, as well as the method in which it was taken. She also reveals that Mama June lied (Shocker!) during her own interview with Dr. Phil.


June insists that she sent Anna a check for over $15,000 which was the remaining balance in her trust fund, as of a few months ago.

Anna maintains that she never received that check, and furthermore, she’s still wondering what happened to the other 15 grand that was supposed to be in that account. 

The money – that’s apparently now been spent by June – constitutes Anna’s total earnings from four seasons of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.

Her salary was placed into a trust, as she was a minor for most of her time on the show. Now that she’s 20 years old and has a family of her own, it’s understandable that she’s pretty pissed at June, whom she entrusted to take care of her life savings.

A woman named Julie Tice Poulin launched a Go Fund Me campaign with the goal of raising money to assist with Anna’s living expenses.  Poulin received only a handful of donations, and the page has since been deleted.

Anna’s own fundraising effort on Facebook was dismissed by fans as a callous cash grab, and she quickly abandoned it.