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A few months back, Aaron Carter creepily stated that he’d never give up on Hilary Duff.

It’s an odd thing to say about a married woman whom you dated in middle school, and the world hoped Carter would just stop there.

Instead, Carter doubled down on his stalking and continued openly pining for Duff on social media.

Finally, Duff shot Carter down in an interview and he seemed to actually take the hint. For a while, he stopped being creepy toward Duff and went back to just being creepy in general.

But that all ended today, when he posted this:

Aaron Carter Creepily Watches Lizzie McGuire

If you can’t tell, that’s Aaron watching the episode of Duff’s Disney sitcom Lizzie McGuire in which he guest-starred.


Given the fact that the role was probably one of the final highlights of Carter’s brief and mostly highlight-free career, we suppose we shouldn’t be surprised that he still busts out the Lizzie DVD in his free time (aka, all the time).

But the fact that he had someone snap a pic of the moment and post it on Instagram for all the world is seriously creepy.

Like, dial "9-1" and get ready to hit "1" again creepy.

Sadly, it looks as though Aaron is gonna force Hilary to publicly shoot him down once again. Maybe this dude just needs to set his sights a little lower. 

He did used to date Lindsay Lohan. We’re sure she’s available…