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While they got hitched last week with an assist from Michael Bolton, last night’s Two and a Half Men Season 12 Episode 3 saw Walden and Alan trying to look the part.

So that a social worker would buy into their loving union, that is.

Watch Two and a Half Men Season 12 Episode 3 Online
Watch Two and a Half Men Season 12 Episode 3 Online

When Two and a Half Men Season 12 Episode 3 got started, Walden and Alan fill out their adoption paperwork, and Jenny says she’s moving in with Evelyn.

In response to a question on this crucial questionnaire asking why they want a baby, Walden answers “because we’re dudes and we don’t have baby holes.”

They both burst out laughing at their own joke, of course, as we wonder if perhaps it’s good this is the last season you can watch Two and a Half Men online.

Jenny warns them to take this seriously or they’re done. Walden and Alan practice by writing essays about one another to prove they can sell this.


Lyndsey, meanwhile, just got out of rehab, looking to make amends with Alan and see if he’ll give their romance another chance. Alan breaks the news.

At the social worker’s office, Walden and Alan talk about how they first knew they were gay. Mrs. McMartin, the social worker, plans a home visit next.

They practice cuddling in preparation, and when she arrives, the visit goes well at the start. Until a drunk Lyndsey arrives looking to score with Alan. UH OH!

Yes, she knows the two men are married, but she also knows why, and wants to bone Alan on the side. They rush to get the social worker out of the house.

Then chaos ensues and they literally throw Lyndsey over the balcony.

Mrs. McMartin tells them that unless anything crazy happens, they should be approved. Drunk Lyndsey then comes up behind her and says she wants to help!

"Charlie Sheen doesn’t live here anymore!” he says, dismissing her as a tourist with a bad celebrity map or something, as Jenny arrives to haul Lyndsey off.

She tells the woman how great Al and Wald are. Aww.