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On Two and a Half Men Season 12 Episode 2, we picked up not long after Alan and Walden’s surprise gay marriage proposal on the final season premiere.

If you missed it, Walden convinces Alan to marry him so he has a better chance at adopting a baby, setting the stage for the sitcom’s huge gay sendoff.

Walden, we’re reminded again on Two and a Half Men Season 12 Episode 2, wants to leave a legacy in this world but just can’t find the right woman.

What he can find is a great "husband" in Alan.

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Alan has nine out of ten qualities that Walden is looking for (you can do the math on the missing 10th), which isn’t a surprise since they are best friends.

Really, why haven’t more single bros desperate to adopt babies alone thought of this incredible faux gay workaround? It begs the question, that’s for sure.

Not that there aren’t some snags, even in this near perfect relationship. Alan wants a destination wedding, while Walden just wants a courthouse ceremony.

Also, Alan is offended when Walden asks to get a pre-nuptial agreement, which is probably just in this (or any) billionaire’s DNA at this point in life.


He already said how much he trusts Alan, after all.

Fortunately, the two are able to make things right and go through with the magical nuptials, with Michael Bolton even serving as their wedding singer.

NOTE: Bolton later nails both of their moms.

The season premiere and the wedding episode, both of which you can see if you watch Two and a Half Men online, thus kick off the show’s farewell campaign.

Will Walden get a child? What do you think of this unusual tack for the comedy to take as it prepares to bid farewell after an astonishing 12 seasons?

Hit the comments below and let us know!