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We kicked off The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 6 with a flashback to the day Rick banished Carol.

Viewers watched as Carol followed a trail of smoke to the prison after The Governor’s siege took place.

Watch The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 6 Online
Watch The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 6 Online

Back in present day, Daryl and Carol followed a Grandy Memorial vehicle and the former explained to the latter just how resilient Beth had become.

The pair then took refuge in a shelter for abused children, as Daryl told his friend that he’s “trying” to start over, while a shattered Carol said she’s attempting to do the same.

Before they could fall asleep, meanwhile, they stumbled into a roomful of walker (the abused children at the facility had been turned). Carol was ready to take them out, but Daryl assured her that she didn’t have to.


Carol woke up the next day to find Daryl burning the young walkers’ bodies (and reminding Carol of Lizzie and Mika’s burial). She thanked him for his deed.

Seeing a Grady van (that they still didn’t know was a Grady van, of course) Daryl and Carol were headed out through a skybridge to investigate when – hi there! – Noah got the drop on them and demanded Daryl’s crossbow.

He then apologized before slashing open a tent full of walkers in order to make his getaway.

Carol and Daryl ran after him, with Carol noticing that Daryl had swiped a textbook from the shelter about treating survivors of child abuse.

At the van, the twosome realized the cross vehicles came from  Grady Memorial, though they found no weapons there. They proceeded to get very lucky when walkers actually pushed the van over the edge of the bridge. “We made good time down,” Carol quipped once they were safe.

Following another heart to heart (about Carol’s past of staying at that shelter briefly with Sophia), Daryl and Carol found a walker with one of Daryl’s arrows through its neck.

They ended up coming across Noah, who was pinned on both sides by walkers. After initially hesitating, Daryl saved Noah’s life, shot a walker in the head and reclaimed his crossbow.

Finally – following a flashback to Carol wiping off zombie guts after sending Terminus up in smoke – Noah warned her and Daryl that they had to go. Why? Because the gunfire surely attracted the attention of the people from the hospital.

The three of them were about to make a run for it when Carol was hit by a Grady station wagon. Noah convinced Daryl to let her be captured so those at the hospital could fix her up… and then they could bust in to free both her and Beth.

And, based on this teaser for The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 7, it looks like that’s where we’ll pick up next Sunday…

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 7 Promo

NOTE: You can watch The Walking Dead online by clicking on the first video posted above. Enjoy!