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The Voice Season 7 Episode 15 was the start of The Live Playoffs. The Blind Auditions are over. The Battles a thing of the past. The Knockouts a distant memory.

It’s time for the cream of the crop to rise as we head into the home stretch!

With the top 20 artists performing Monday and Tuesday, and results announced Wednesday night, the week will end with the field pared down to just 12.

Two artists from each of the four teams will advance from the viewers’ votes, and each coach will name one more singer to move on beyond this week.

We clear? Good. Now let’s get down to the first 10 performances!

Taylor Brashears (Team Blake): “Long Time Gone.” Her take on the Dixie Chicks song never quite hit the mark, or at least its full potential, out of the gate.

Chris Jamison (Team Adam): “Don’t.” His choice of Ed Sheeran’s smash hit song gave him an edge, and he handled it with a lot of charisma and skill.

Jessie Pitts (Team Blake): “Holding Out for a Hero.” Jessie changed up this power ballad to make it powerfully and uniquely her own. She looks like a contender.

James David Carter (Team Blake): “Two of a Kind, Workin’ on a Full House.” By far his best performance on the date and likely enough to get through.


Matt McAndrew (Team Adam): “God Only Knows.” His heartwarming dedication to his mom was the sweetest moment of the night, if not the most electrifying.

Reagan James (Team Blake): “Try.” Reagan’s cover of Colbie Caillat was good for a strong impact but not overstated with its power. A tough balance.

Taylor Phelan (Team Adam): “Cool Kids.” The indie-rocker certainly looked the part and impressed everybody with this one. A dark horse contender, maybe?

Mia Pfirrman (Team Adam): “Young and Beautiful.” Mia has a powerful voice that could take her far, or fizzle fast if she doesn’t know how to harness it.

Damien (Team Adam): “I’m Not the Only One.” He sounds terrific on this current hit, bringing an emotion that is soulful and pure along with his vocal style.

Craig Wayne Boyd (Team Blake): “Some Kind of Wonderful.” Craig, the country throwback that he is, may have won the night with this effort right here.

What did you think was the best performance of the night? Watch them all above and tune in again tonight for the next 10 sings in The Voice Live Playoffs!