The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 1 Recap: Apollo Nida Loses It!

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They're back and crazier than ever! Bravo's top-rated Real Housewives have returned, with reinforcements, for a seventh season of drama in the ATL.

If this premiere is any indication, it's gonna get dirty in the south with all the mud slinging going on. Just ask Phaedra Parks, Apollo Nida or ... any of them really.

On The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 1, we got a behind the scenes look at the much talked about hours before Nida's prison sentencing.

Spoiler alert: It was not pretty.

If you watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta online, or read any celebrity news lately, you know Nida is behind bars for fraud. What is it with these Bravo stars?

He and Teresa Giudice should just stick to flipping tables and stuff. That's gotta pay the bills, right? What's the deal with wannabe white collar criminals?

Anyway, "Life is extremely difficult right now" for his estranged with Parks, who took her two sons, Ayden and Dylan, to a hotel instead of the courtroom.

"Apollo's actions are the ultimate betrayal," she said of Nida, whose checkered past was a red flag long before this. "I thought he was a changed man."

Nida sees it differently.

"The woman I thought was supposed to be there for me and cherished me was nowhere to be found," Apollo said, feeling betrayed by her no-show.

"I'm not a murderer, I'm not a child molester … I understand what I've done is wrong, but it's fixable. I'm here by myself on the biggest day of my life."

Nida confessed to viewers that he "controlled shell corporations" and was given up by a co-conspirator, and is off to face the music for all that and more.

When Parks returned to their home following Nida's day in court, he lashed out, and not just because he had just been handed an eight-year punishment.

"You all decided to come back? You abandoned me," Apollo raged at the mother of his two small children. "Family is supposed to stick by each other."

Parks, an attorney, responded: "Were you thinking about your family? You couldn't have been. It was selfish on your part ... He is definitely out of his mind."

The duo then fought over money before Nida snapped, "I don't want to be in this relationship no more. I'm gonna talk to divorce counsel and go my own way."

"If that is what he truly wants, bon voyage," concluded the unmoved Parks, and sure enough, Phaedra filed for divorce from Apollo Nida earlier this fall.

What took her so long?

Meanwhile, as for the other elephant in the room, some cast members recalled how Porsha Williams beat down Kenya Moore at the reunion last season.

"Being physically attacked in front of the world has been difficult," said Moore, while Williams claims she "doesn't think about Kenya because she's connected to such negativity."

Oh, and Cynthia is still beefing with NeNe, and she says she's over that too. We're certain she's not, but it made for one of the evening's best lines.

"I was team Nene … the captain, the cheerleader," Bailey told Moore of their feud. "What was I supposed to do? Crawl up in her butt? I'm happy to move on."

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