Tamar & Vince Season 3 Episode 5 Recap: A Real Dog Fight

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Thursday night on Tamar & Vince Season 3 Episode 5, in a plot line we wish we could say we made up, a dog was at the center of a big fight between the duo.

A whole bunch of other drama went down involving the titular couple, too.

Primarily, though, we were treated (subjected) to Tamar and Vince digging in and escalating into a full scale standoff over the latter's German Shepherd.

Tension continued to mount between the couple, to a surprising degree.

It was actually pretty awkward at times. Elsewhere on Tamar and Vince Season 3 Episode 5, the duo struggled to shoot a music video for her next single.

Trying to do so all in one day was probably a bad choice for the pair.

Oh, and to make matters even more stressful, Tamar and Vince ended up challenging LaShawn to do stand up comedy at a club in this same installment.

Did he do it? And how did that turn out for all parties involved?

You can find out when you watch Tamar & Vince online right here and right now. It's as easy as 1-2-3. Now just sit back and make yourselves uncomfortable.

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