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No hard feelings, Jake?

Fitz knows that he framed you for murder and had you tortured and only really let up after your girlfriend said she may get back together with him someday… but hey! He did free you at the end of Scandal Season 4 Episode 7, didn’t he?

Next Thursday night, this dangerous/unexpected/awkward alliance will finally team up to take down Rowan Pope.

But will they even stand a chance?

Scandal Season 4 Episode 8 Promo

What else can fans look forward to on Scandal Season 4 Episode 8?


Huck will yearn to connect with his family, while Quinn will continue tracking Kubiak.

Back at the White House, meanwhile, Cyrus’ mistakes will finally catch up to him, although Elizabeth North’s plan will end up being much bigger than anyone ever expected.


Check out the teaser above for an idea of what to expect and visit TV Fanatic any time you wish to watch Scandal online.

Watch Scandal Season 4 Episode 7 Online
Watch Scandal Season 4 Episode 7 Online