Robert Pattinson Debuts New, REALLY Weird Hairstyle: Like It or Loathe It?

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Robert Pattinson has a new girlfriend in British recording artist FKA Twigs.

And now the actor has debuted a new hairstyle, one that's even more unusual than the name of his lover.

The former Twilight Saga stud debuted the eccentric look at Go Go Campaign fundraiser in Beverly Hills on last night.

From the front, Pattinson’s locks appear to be their typically-tussled selves, but from the back? Well…

Robert Pattinson Haircut

This is not what folks normally think of when they heard one's hair has been shaved into a "landing strip," but we guess it works for Robert Pattinson. Kind of. Sort of.

At least when one isn't actually looking at the back of his skull.

Many are speculating that Twigs, an artist known for her outlandish style, is behind the new hairdo (or hair-DON’T, we’d say!).

She didn't join her rumored husband at this event, which raised money to help children with a variety of needs, including medical assistance and education, along with fighting for human rights around the globe.

It's a great cause. We should really focus on that instead of Pattinson's haircut.

But, come on, can you blame us? What the heck is going on there?!?

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