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The truth didn’t just spill out to close Revenge Season 4 Episode 7.

It came flying out at warp speed via an enraged Emily Thorne, who FINALLY revealed her true identity to her father, but not before learning he had been monitoring all of her activities.

Emily lashed out at her crazy, bushy-bearded father for not coming to her aid sooner, leaving David stunned into silence and unable to respond.

Watch Revenge Season 4 Episode 7 Online
Watch Revenge Season 4 Episode 7 Online

How will Victoria avoid being exposed for her double-crossing ways? Via sheer luck, apparently.

It didn’t seem like she had an actual plan, but a brewing thunderstorm struck down a power line outside Emily’s old residence, knocking Victoria unconscious as she tried to flee the scene of the Clarke family reunion.


Daniel – who now knows Emily’s secret himself, due to Charlotte’s pre-exit confession – tried to intimidate his ex during an unfortunate elevator run-in, but Emily was having none of it. She shot him down in about two seconds.

Elsewhere, Carolyn Hennesy guest-starred as Louise’s mother, who we saw via her daughter’s visions and who doesn’t seem to think Louise is good enough. No wonder she’s sort of a total loon, huh?

Louise locked Margaux in the steam room at their health club this week, nearly killing her in the process. But neither attempted murder, nor a glass of wine in the face (courtesy of Margaux) was enough to convince Daniel to drop Louise as a client.

Also of note:

  • Sick of the media on his case all the time, Nolan purchased himself a new home, well off the grid.
  • Ben told Jack that he isn’t allowed to make a personal call to Emily during his shift, making us hate him even more. He also continued his investigation into Conrad’s murder, prompting us to ask: Could the former Grayson patriarch might still be alive?!?

Stranger things have happened on Revenge, have they not? Are we alone in this belief?

And what did you think of the Emily-David reunion? All you had hoped it would be?

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