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The relationship between Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger may be the most unexpected love connection of the year, but believe it or not, these two are actually making it work.

Witnesses at Miley’s 22nd birthday party last week say Cyrus and Schwarzenegger were inseparable all night long. We’ve even heard rumors that Miley and Patrick are “falling in love” already.

However, initial reports claimed that Patrick’s mother, Maria Shriver, was “horrified” by his relationship with Miley and was doing everything in her power to put a stop to it.

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Now, the former First Lady of California has apparently done a complete 180 and welcomed Miley into the family.

So what changed? Well, according to insiders, Patrick was able to open his mother’s eyes to the reasons he fell for Miley – she’s funny; she’s spontaneous…and she’s nothing like Taylor Swift:


You see, back in 2012, Patrick’s cousin Conor Kennedy dated Taylor briefly. This was back when Swifty was actually a psycho girlfriend and didn’t just play one in her music videos.

Taylor went full-blown Stage 5 Clinger on Conor, even buying a house next to his family’s home in Martha’s Vineyard.

The relationship didn’t work out, because – Surprise! – not every 18-year-old dude is looking to get married, and Conor reportedly had a very difficult time removing Taylor from his life. 

So perhaps it’s not surprising that that situation came to Maria’s mind when her own son began dating a different A-list pop star:

“Maria was terrified it would be another nightmare like the Taylor situation,” an insider tells Radar Online. “Taylor was their biggest fear. They all thought it was going to turn out like that.”

However, after seeing the two of them together on several occasions, Maria has apparently realized that Miley is more likely to get psychotically attached to a bong than to a boy.

These days, Miley and Patrick are making no effort to hide their relationship, and sources say the relationship is moving very fast.