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Hollywood woke up this morning very sad news:

Director Mike Nichols is dead at the age of 83.

In response to Nichols’ passing, celebrities took to Twitter and mourned the man who helmed such beloved filmed as The Graduate, Working Girl, Angels in America, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolff and The Birdcage.

Mike Nichols Dies at 83

Here is a sampling of what they had to say about the late husband of Diane Sawyer:

Kevin Spacey: Mike Nichols gave me my start. A mentor, friend, colleague. One of the best observers of life. My thoughts are with Diane & his children.


Katie Couric: So sad to learn of the death of Mike Nichols. My heart goes out to Diane, their families & everyone who marveled in his brilliance.

Mia Farrow: Funniest, smartest, most generous, wisest, kindest of all.  Mike Nichols, a truly good man.

Tony Goldwyn: RIP #MikeNichols What a gigantic loss!!! The greatest of the great.

John Mulaney: The last track on "Nichols and May Examine Doctors" "Nichols and May at Work." The best comedy moment on tape. RIP Mike Nichols.

Jamie Bell: Mike Nichols, your great work endures you. Thank you for all of it. Rest in peace.

Jeffrey Wright: Sad to hear of Mike Nichols passing – eternal in his gifts to American culture: "Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolfe?" to "Angels." Dues paid.

Josh Gad: I am beyond sad to learn that #MikeNichols has passed. From The Graduate to Birdcage to Spamalot to his comedy albums, he truly was a Titan.