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Very sad news today out of Honduras:

Maria Jose Alvarado, who was crowned Miss Honduras in April and who was scheduled to compete in the Miss World Pageant next month in London, was found dead outside a spa near the Aguagua River in the village of Cablotales.

Alvarado’s sister, Sofia Trinidad, was found buried in the ground alongside the beauty queen.

According to The Associated Press, Maria and Sofia were both shot to death by the latter’s boyfriend, Plutarco Ruiz.

The Honduras National Police Director says Ruiz confessed to authorities and led them to the bodies of the sisters, which were located found near La Aguagua spa, where they had gone Thursday to celebrate Ruiz’s birthday.


“They were not very astute about assessing the people around them. They were just friendly,” the sisters’ mother, Teresa Munoz, told Televicentro. “They were taken out by people they hadn’t known very long.”

An accomplice of Ruiz’s is also being held by local police.

Ruiz allegedly shot Sofia because she was dancing with another man and then took out Maria when she tried to flee the scene.

An April report from the UN confirmed that Honduras has the highest homicide rate (90.4 people murdered per 100,000) in the world.