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Sebastian and Sienna are back!

You remember Sebastian, the giant Newfoundland, and Sienna, the cute little girl, don’t you?

We featured this duo on THG in mid-October, as they played the world’s most adorable game of Hide and Go Seek. But we now need to make a correction:

That was actually the world’s SECOND most adorable game of Hide and Go Seek. Because Sebastian and Sienna are back for round two in the video below. And it’s a must-watch:

Girl and Dog Play Hide and Seek

It’s a little known fact overall, of course, that animals love to play Hide and Go Seek. This pitbull and this deer had a blast doing so in July.


But, still, you can’t ever beat footage of kids playing with their pets. Or even just photos of kids sleeping with their pets.

See what we mean here and try not to have your heart melt into a million little pieces…