Kylie Jenner: Plastic Surgeon Confirms Butt Lift!

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Those Kardashian-Jenner girls love their butts. Taking photos of them, showing them off to the world, having them surgically altered...They're basically an entire family of Sir Mix-A-Lots.

And considering Kim Kardashian's naked butt photos just "broke the Internet," we guess we shouldn't be surprised that her sisters are doing everything in their power to realize their full ass potential.

Last week, a plastic surgeon confirmed that Khloe Kardashian has had a butt lift, and no one was really surprised by the news. After all, whatever she has going on back there, it ain't subtle.

Now the same dude is dropping a bombshell and claiming that Kylie Jenner has had some work done to her backside. Is there anything to his claim or does this guy just see nips, tucks, and implants everywhere he looks?

Kylie Jenner: Red Carpet Swag

"It appears that Kylie Jenner may have recently had a butt enhancement procedure," Dr. Neal Handel tells Radar Online. "Comparison of older photographs with newer pictures suggests her buttocks are fuller, rounder, and larger."

We won't get into the fact that this dude is analyzing photos of a 17-year-old's "buttocks," but we will point out the fact that this is the same guy who claimed last week that Kylie had a boob job.

Look, the girl has certainly had some work done. Kylie's lips aren't the sort of thing that happens naturally overnight. That said, we don't think she's 80-90% plastic like Dr. Handel is claiming.

After all, Kylie posts 400 selfies a day. When would she be able to recover from surgery without the whole world knowing about it?

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