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Another celebrity has reacted to Kim Kardashian’s attempt to #BreaktheInternet.

Late last night, Paper Magazine came out with the cover of its winter issue, which features a very clear shot of Kim Kardashian’s very oily butt.

In response, the collective jaw of the Internet has dropped, while Naya Rivera has slammed Kardashian for posing in such naked fashion as a mother.

Now, Chelsea Handler has also spoken out online – and she’s done so in a manner that is decidedly Not Safe for Work.


“Can you believe more than 2 ass can fit on the same screen? Guess which one’s real. Your move, instagram,” Handler wrote as a caption to the following image, which really does speak for itself:

Handler, of course, may be the one celebrity out there who is less why about her body than Kim Kardashian.

It may be harder to find a picture of Chelsea Handler clothed than it would be to find one of Chelsea Handler nude. The talk show host actually mocked the Kardashians ones by posing in her birthday suit.

But she’s now begging us to ask: Who possesses the better buttocks?

And then, while we have your attention, here’s another related question: Who came up with the best Kim Kardashian nude photo meme?