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Chelsea Lately star Chelsea Handler posed nude on Instagram this week and threw some shade at the nudity and selfie-loving Kardashians in the process.

Talk about a win-win!

Handler, 39, posted the shot on the left on Instagram page on Wednesday, sitting in just her underwear, legs crossed and arms concealing her breasts.

Chuy Bravo and Chelsea Handler
(Robert Benson)

“I’m a Kardashian,” she captioned the photograph.

We’re guessing the primary target of that jab was Kim Kardashian, whose penchant for selfies and obsession with her own looks is bordering on legendary.

It could apply to any of them, though. We’ve seen Kendall Jenner topless in almost this exact pose, and with Kylie turning 17, she won’t be far behind.

Just one more year, people. One. More. Year.


With Chelsea Lately set to end August 26, Handler’s going out with a bang. The comedienne also posted the underwear photo on the right this week.

“Getting ready for my final shower scene. August 26th is the one hour finale. Orange you glad I told you?” Chelsea captioned the lingerie-clad snap.

We are. More stars sans tops on Instagram: