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We had an idea it might happen before the end of Season 1, but did anyone think it would happen so soon? In such dramatic, heart-breaking fashion?!?

Indeed, on Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 6, Jane broke up with Michael.

Watch Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 6 Online
Watch Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 6 Online

The hour opened with a flashback to the first time Jane and Michael met, as we learned this connection actually started when the former mistook the latter for a stripper.

That was then, however. Now, it’s two years later and viewers have witnessed Michael telling his fiancee many lies. He may have considered them to be white lies, he may have told them with the greater good of their relationship in mind… but they were still lies.

Like keeping Petra and Zazo’s affair a secret, for instance.


Michael apologizes, but Jane says the wedding is off. She isn’t ready to forgive him.

She has other things on her mind anyway, like meeting Rogelio’s stepdaughters and receiving her student teaching assignment… at Lady of Sorrows Catholic School.

We then learned that Jane was bullied herself in high school. She doesn’t have fond memories of the experience.

We also see Raf get arrested for allegedly abusing Petra. The look on his face when he learns his ex has set him up was truly crushing.

At dinner with Rogelio’s ex-stepdaughters (who live in Miami with their mother), Jane is bombarded with mean questions such as: "Why haven’t you swiped your v-card? Can’t find someone to have sex with you?"

During this time, Michael keeps pestering Jane via text message until she turns her phone off. She then had a bad time student teaching and pours her heart out to Raf once he’s out of jail.

After he helps Jane get revenge against some mean teenagers at school, the truth comes flying out of Raf’s mouth.

"I have feelings for you. Look, I know this is a horrible time, but just in case it means anything or changes anything."

Jane isn’t sure how to process this when she goes to meet Michael on a boat, but then the truth comes flying out for her as well: it’s over. The lies have been too much and she clearly has feelings for Raf as well. Sorry, Michael.

We end the hour with Raf finding Jane on the beach, with Jane telling him about the split and with a passionate kiss that is likely to ignite shipping wars around the globe.

You simply must watch Jane the Virgin online to see spit get swapped and then you must check out The CW teaser for Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 7 to see where all this is going:

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