Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 5 Teaser: Daddy Dearest?

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On Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 4, Jane tried very hard to convince Michael that she's in love with him.

Even though, you know, she just had a detailed sexual fantasy about the father of her accidental baby.

But Jane also learned the truth about her father, which will be the main storyline headed into Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 5.

Check out the official CW teaser and see Jane trying to get to know her famous dad now:

Elsewhere on “Chapter Five,” Jane will move in with Michael because she’s so angry at her mom for having deceived her. But will this big decision go as smoothly as Jane had imagined?

Meanwhile, Rafael and Petra keep struggling with the state of their marriage, though Petra has another unusual plan up her sleeve for how it can be saved.

What will comprise that plan? We'll find out on Monday, November 10.

As for those who may have missed this outing, you can follow the steps outlined in the following video to watch Jane the Virgin online. You should really do so.

This is a great new series.

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