Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: Another Murder!

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On Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 5, issues arose for Jane with her father, her fiance and her baby daddy.

Yes, for those who do not regularly watch Jane the Virgin online, the latter two are different people.

We begin with Jane leaving home because she’s so angry with Xiomara for keeping her father’s identity a secret all these years. She plans to spend the wedding week living with Michael.

While Jane was packing, though, Michael’s brother Billy, stopped by to ask for $2,000 in exchange for leaving Jane alone. This prompted Michael to consider the extent of his meager savings.

Raf, meanwhile, offers Petra $10,000 as part of a divorce settlement. He's been fantasizing way too much about Jane.

He then tells Jane that his marriage is over, but he still wants to raise the child. She doesn't like this plan.

Viewers also meet a creepy bellhop named Tom. More on him in a bit.

With her father still on her mind, Jane has dinner with Rogelio - but he drinks too much wine and suggests she gets to know him through his biography. FAIL.

When Michael picks up Jane from this disastrous dinner, she notices a file losing all the employees present the night of Zaz’s murder. All except Tom.

From there, Lina tells Jane that she’s been boning Billy, a fact that doesn’t sit well with Michael. He admits to Jane that he doesn’t want his brother around because he doesn’t want Jane to know about his past of stealing cars and selling the parts.

Meanwhile, Rogelio asks Xio for advice on connecting with Jane. She’s “not impressed by money or power,” responds Zio. “Jane likes going to the movies or shopping at Target, that kind of thing. Low key stuff.”

So it’s time for Dinner Attempt #2, a simple takeout meal of Thai. Rogelio opens up during it, talking about his history of drugs and later telling Jane that he is “not walking away” again.

Inspired, Jane tells Raf and Michael that she's willing to try a three-way parenting arrangement. She then gets really mad when she finds evidence of Petra and Zaz's affair, going off on Michael for keeping it secret.

Jane turns to Xio and reconciles with her mom over this latest deception, but this lovely scene is interrupted by Rafael and Rose, who have discovered Tom bleeding to death in one of the hotel hallways.

“Who did this?” Raf asks Tom, to which he responds: “Sin … Rostro.”

Whoa there! Are you buying it? Get an idea of what's to come below via the official trailer for Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 6:

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