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Team Fiance or Team Baby Daddy? That question became harder to answer after viewing Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 4.

A solid love triangle needs to be comprised of three reasonable sides; fans must be able to see why the torn individual could end up with either suitor.  

And, following a couple of weeks of seeing the amazing chemistry between Jane and Rafael, this installment made it clear why Michael (lying and sneaking around aside) may totally be deserving of Jane’s affections.

Watch Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 4 Online
Watch Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 4 Online

We opened the hour with Jane having a sex dream about Rafael. While Michael is lying in bed next to her!

She ends up telling Michael all about it during a marriage counseling session, led (as the caption tells us) by a priest “who has never been married.” HA! Amen!


The holy man tries to compare Jane and Michael’s relationship to an all-terrain vehicle (due to its bumps in the road. Get it?!?), but he’s taken aback a bit when he learns of the whole pregnancy thing.

When he asks if Jane has a physical connection to the child’s father, that’s when she mentions the fantasy.

To ease Michael’s sadness/anger, Jane tries to avoid Rafael, even backing away so much at one point that he falls into a pool. And Raf goes in to save her. And they have a cute exchange. And Michael witnesses it.

"I love you,” Michael later tells Jane. “I want to be with you forever. But if you have feelings for another guy, I don’t think we should be getting married."

So Jane tries to write Michael a sexy letter to make up for that sex dreams, but it accidentally goes to Rafael, who tells Jane he sees her as a sister. Oops! And: Awkward!

Michael eventually realizes that raising another man’s baby isn’t his worse nightmare: losing Jane would be. He tells Jane that he’s “all in.”

(So everything is all good, right? Sort of, for Jane. But we later see that Rafael has a sex dream about his baby mama!)


  • Jane learns out the truth about Rogelio when he  spies on her bridal appointment. She’s mad at her mother for lying about his identity.
  • Michael Rady debuted as Lachlan, Petra’s former fiancé and someone who Rafael’s father promoted over his ex-playboy son.
  • Petra meets with a mysterious/thug-like man in a car, where they discuss money and “Natalia” in Czech. Might this be her real name?
  • Rafael believes his sister is on a bender. A worries Rose calls to warn her that if she doesn’t show up for a hearing, Jane will receive a default judgement and Rafael will lose his share of the hotel.

Another week, another fun ride on this CW series.

You can watch Jane the Virgin online by following the prompts of the video above. And you can get a sneak peek at Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 5 right here and now:

Jane the Virgin Season 1 Episode 5 Teaser