How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 9 Recap: A Killer Reveal

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SPOILER ALERT: Read no further if you have not yet seen How to Get Away with Murder Season 1 Episode 9.

Because Sam's killer was finally, truly, 100% revealed. 

So why waste any time, right? WES DID IT.

We were taken to the night of the bonfire this week and watched as Sam tried to choke out Rebecca after he had been knocked over a bannister while chasing Michaela and Laurel.

With Laurel, Connor and Michaela standing by, Wes smashed in Sam’s head with the Scales of Justice trophy — and then the flashforwards of body disposal/burning/mental meltdowns went down as expected.

Well… until the concluding scene, that is.

Wes actually went back to the Keating residence to get the murder weapon - before that second trip when the Keating Four rolled up Sam in a rug and got rid of his remains - and find Annalise sitting at her desk.

He apologized to the corpse, only for Annalise to tell him not to bother. (She had been called a “disgusting slut” by Sam just hours earlier.)

The morning after the incident, Annalise called the students to her home and told them Sam had been having an affair with Lila and then went missing.  She asked them to be honest with the police in order to help them find Sam.

We know, of course, what she knows, however. And how she and Wes have now forged a very dark pact that will play out in some dangerous way when How to Get Away with Murder returns with new episodes in 2015.

We strongly urge readers to watch How to Get Away with Murder online during this hiatus in order to keep track of all the key details and in order to try to think of answers to the following big questions:

  • Have you ever seen a crazier fight between a couple on TV than the one in which Sam labeled Annalise a dirty "slut" and she told him about Nate? His name is Nate and he’s good to me. He knows how to make me scream and groan and sweat.
  • Should Laurel should get the trophy? She argued case precedent and said murder charges were thrown out due to missing evidence. Do we trust her to do away with the weapon here?
  • Was Annalise at all sincere in pouring her heart out to Sam on the voicemail? Or was she just covering her tracks?
  • Oh, right, and: WHO KILLED LILA STANGARD?
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